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  • track-artwork
    We learn the many, many things you should never do with "it," how to behave yourself whether getting a lapdance or getting down on a movie set, meet some insatiable public perverts and a horrifying way one couple enjoys their margaritas!
  • track-artwork
    We find out some super deep questions to pull out of the bag next time there is a lull in the conversation, meet an Aussie who makes a severe mistake with Nair and we....we meet Slave Dave. 
  • track-artwork
    Today we learn the proper way to protest something you don't like, whether or not we have another Hot Girl Summer on tap, we also learn where we can go for a sex heavy vacation (spoiler alert: we cannot afford it)
  • track-artwork
    We learn all about a woman who is disturbed by her boyfriend's bizarre fetish, hot to have sex in public "ethically," a horrid cancer and it's horrid treatment options and we learn all about the ins and out (and ins and outs) of "Hot Wifing."
  • track-artwork
    We meet a young lady who lost something very important, find out why women are either colder than the Acrtic Circle or hotter than Hades and we find out just how many people wanted the F word in their business name lol
  • track-artwork
    Holy cow, we're glad someone told us we would have totally missed out! It's the Summer of the Threesome....for some of us. We also catch up with a previous episode star and learn all aboput fecal transplants and it there is a connection between guns and your manhood!
  • track-artwork
    We learn how to hide your gold, the history of the single most offensive language in the English language, a lady gets possibly ended by a Texas gator and we learn all about ghost poops!!!
  • track-artwork
    Are you a kinky person? Are you REALLY though? We break down what it means and if you are. Real sex workers are peeved at the fake sex workers and the ins and the outs of shower sex!
  • track-artwork
    We learn about a horrifying condition, an even more horrible condition, meet a man who's wife lets him have 35 girlfriends and an Italian fella misreads the directions at the gas pump
  • track-artwork
    We learn all the ins and outs (mainly ins) of micropenis, we catch up with a couple who have made the podcast before, find out what your morning wood says about you and hear a story about a sex toy assault. 
  • track-artwork
    We learn about a "revolutionary" new condom, find out that being hung like an elephant may not be as great as it sounds, learn all about how horrifying it it to be constantly aroused, sexsomnia and we meet Paul. Paul, has it all. 
  • track-artwork
    We learn about a terrifying new rejuvenation technique, find out how you can get ore out of your next trip downtown, learn about iPhone Finger and meet a couple ladies who banked on Spring Break!
  • track-artwork
    We learn everyday kitchen utensils you can use (and promptly wash VERY well) in bedroom horeplay, we meet a man who had 12 too many surgeries on his junk and we learn why she may be bored with you in the sack!
  • We learn how dudes rated their sexual fantasies after they got a crack at the plate, we find out where the big hawgs reside and the downsides of penis ownership. We also meet a young fella who just can't get enough of his town's public park system!See for privacy information.
  • Worried about how you're doing? You're not alone! We also learn about the sexual situations that may arise that would make us anxious and we meet a guy who has an odd way of picking people up at the beach! We also learn all about GOONINGSee for privacy information.
  • We learn all about the Swedish Sex Olympics! Where they're held, how they work and how you win. We also meet our nation's contestant and then we learn about the ideal person to cheat on your spouse with. You may know him or's THAT specific. See for privacy information.
  • Having trouble with a low libido? We have loads of easy things you can do, according to experts, to maybe get some of that pop back in your love life. We meet another woman raking in loads of cash selling...jars of herself. See for privacy information.
  • Every dreamt of reclaiming your youthful ability to enjoy maybe more than one round? We give you your best shots are rewinding the clock. We meet a woman who covered her tracks after a heinous bedroom act and one of us learns about a new sex toy. Guess who?See for privacy information.
  • We learn about the fascinating things scientists are growing in labs these days, meet a handful of old men who have fallen hilariously far from Jesus and learn all about sounding. AND WHY YOU SHOULD NOT DO IT. See for privacy information.
  • We find out all about the No Fap community, learn some of the roadblocks that could be keeping you from the bedroom and learn what body parts of men women love the most. And is not even on the list. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about the World's Most Wanted panty thief, a terrible misuse of Kinder Eggs, find out how we can fund America's prisons (the ladies ones, lol) and find out how to work the puzzle pieces should the impossible ever happen to youSee for privacy information.
  • We explore 15 GUARANTEED ways to get her to the finish line. They're guaranteed!!! See for privacy information.
  • We take a pretty in depth quiz and find out just what kind of fetishes and kinks we know about. Feel free to play along!!! See for privacy information.
  • We learn all the many ways you can finally last longer, or at least a bit longer, in the bedroom, meet an insane doctor who has insane patients and leads us to an even more insane chef and we find out what cities are this country's secret sexiest!See for privacy information.
  • We wrap up our riveting series "What Was Pulled Out of Us in 2023" with a laundry list of items for everyone and a list of dude only finds! We also find out FIVE states have a worrisome loophole in their criminal codes...See for privacy information.
  • We're back for 2024! We meet a couple who shares one simple tick to achieving marital bliss, find out what $5K gets you on Tinder and meet a woman who has tripled her OF earnings thanks to one small, dedicated group of "those guys"See for privacy information.
  • We finish the story by meeting a guy who is playing it cooler than any of could ever dream of, and finish off the year with a couple fanny stories! Thanks for listening to the podcast this year we sincerely appreciate everyone who pressed play in 2023!See for privacy information.
  • It's been a while but we finally tracked down Mr. Skin to rundown 2023 in Nudity! Missed this dude!See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a genius new place to find a date, find out exactly what women look for in a decent dong and what is the saddest fap you've ever had?See for privacy information.
  • We find out all about how you can introduce sex toys into the bedroom and then find out how those very toys can give you the diabetes! We learn how to conduct a seduction interview (or how to know you're being given one) and maybe we should all go work at Taco Bell!See for[...]
  • We learn the best new sexting apps to get your groove on, meet a man who hates opossums, meet a woman who is frankly, twice the woman other women are and a story you'll LOVE to share around your Thanksgiving table!See for privacy information.
  • We learn all the ways (and there are a ton of them) we're ruining foreplay, we meet an insatiable Florida woman who doesn't care if you're watching and how to ruin checking an item off your bucket list. See for privacy information.
  • We meet a Door Dasher who is looking for work for a gross reason, find out which porn plots are played out and a Worst Person who may take the cake as our worst ever. See for privacy information.
  • We learn the dos and the do nots of getting it on in public, we meet a man with very specific requests of his prosties and a woman with VERY discerning tastes!See for privacy information.
  • We learn what one dreaded word can help fix your sex-frequency issues, we learn how long it should last each time you enter the ring, try and fail at some math involving an ancient prosty and a man behaves poorly at a brewery. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a terrible pastor, an even worse morgue employee, how to recognize signs your man is cheating and/or ways to cover your tracks if you're a guy! See for privacy information.
  • We learn how exactly you go about getting what you want in the bedroom but we also realize it may come with a heavy, heavy, large and fast price. See for privacy information.
  • Back in the friendly confines of the studio! We talk about just how exactly you measure yourself as a man, how to tell if a condom is bad, learn what NOT to do in bed and meet a man who is too old to be carrying on Florida-style!See for privacy information.
  • Live inside Stan's Room at Piere's. Performances from The Hu, Asking Alexandria and we meet Cheese Factory Pervert and his wife. And his girlfriend. See for privacy information.
  • Bruh. We learn what vabbing is. You can probably take a guess by reading this and get close. We learn about a new ED medicine that could get your Spidey-sense tingling and a bizarre couple has an even bizarrer (not a word?) collection!See for privacy information.
  • We get a whole list of erotic movies on Netflix that can be training wheels for you and your spouse to get into porno. In the bedroom...what are you supposed to do with your hands? We never even thought about it until today and now we're self conscious. And we find out what can happen[...]
  • We find out some great ways to rope your phone into the bedroom game, find out exactly how many people are losing something inside themselves, and more ways to initiate a threesome even though we sort of feel like if it hasn't happened yet it won't, See for privacy information.
  • We take a trip down memory lane and remember Sex Ed class and all the things they forgot to mention, we have some new signs you may have just met a swinger and meet a couple who didn't pay attention in Sex Ed. At. All. Like even a little bit. See for privacy information.
  • We learn the questions you can ask to open the door to a better sex life, how you can increase the sex if you're single, find out what goth girls in the UK are up to and perverts man...they ruin everything!See for privacy information.
  • Bam, 350 episodes of this inter-office award winning podcast! We learn all about the dong. How to care for it, practice with it, master it!See for privacy information.
  • We learn what women will admit to fantasizing about (keyword: admit), what we think about most during sex, meet a couple very "interesting people" at the end of the podcast. See for privacy information.
  • We learn why this can still be your "Rat Girl Summer," learn how to react if a partner's fantasy is way over your line, where your best odds are to meet someone this month and meet the dumbest man alive. See for privacy information.
  • We learn what Margot Robbie's favorite drink is, 3 ways you can almost guarantee great sex, what to do if you're peeing too often and we meet an Illinois barnyard pervert. See for privacy information.
  • We meet a guy who had an odd worry after a Devil's Threesome, meet a guy who brings his IBS to an overnight stay, learn skinny dipping etiquette and a new way to smuggle contraband! See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a horrifying way more dudes are "growing," find out classy ways to ask for nudes, learn exactly 50% of people are just animals in the bathroom and AI is coming to solo fun!See for privacy information.
  • We learn a ton of new ways to walk that tightrope between going too often and not enough, refresh the list of where the longest men live and find out where the top-heavy ladies dwell and we meet a guy who could learn a thing or two about timing a breakup!See for privacy information.
  • We learn about how hard it is to be livin large, 16 ways you can turn yourself from a sprinter to a World-class marathon runner and how you can wriggle your way into the perno-bizSee for privacy information.
  • We learn the secret diet to increase your (and her) desire in the bedroom, learn the 5 things that may be killing your performance, find out how much time is too much to be doin' it and we learn what styles are in these days for men's grooming. See for privacy information.
  • We learn just how many of us are heading to funerals looking to bang, how few young people are out there getting any, find out some staggering stats on a novelty men's aid and meet some kids in New York that are just scumbags. See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about Foreign Body Syndrome and how long it's actually been around. Find out about some awful things your boys can do on their own, and a smash cake is ruined!!See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a bizarre new fetish, learn some more ways to not sound like a knob while you're dirty talking, how to create the illusion of a massive unit and meet a man who takes his thing for feet way, way too far. See for privacy information.
  • Recorded live Friday May 5 2023. Enjoy!See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about the Space Sex Race, hear about a terrible injury Channing Tatum suffered, and a woman has a REALLY REALLY REEEEEALLY great time at the symphonySee for privacy information.
  • We learn 4 myths about the most mythical myth and then myths about the not so mythical and we meet a man who cannot resist himself!See for privacy information.
  • We learn about The World's Most Dangerous Sex Position (almost everyone has done it) we learn all about ethical porn, meet a guy who WAS going to be the Worst Person In The World until he was beat out by a woman at the last minute who takes the crown on being diabolical. See for[...]
  • We learn just how many fellas out there are putting on a big show in the bedroom, meet a guy who will never let us look at the humble toaster strudel the same way again, and a lady who's drunk evening of adult fun came back to bite her years later. Hard. See for privacy[...]
  • Tired of trying to turn her on and either having your efforts fall flat or things cool down before they even heat up? Bro, you've been doing it all wrong! We also learn about a sex club that won't let either of us in and meet a guy who desperately needs to look on Amazon. See[...]
  • We learn several ways to deal with a problem only men suffer in the morning, hear some truly awful first date ideas and why you should stop what you're doing and go kick your grandparents off social media. See for privacy information.
  • We learn alllllllll about what the college kids are doing with their bodies these days, find out there are Anti-masturbation Groups out there and meet a guy who hates the elderly!See for privacy information.
  • We learn how many times a man must "purge the poison" for optimal health, find out the benefits of going to the gym with your BAE, meet another lunatic in love with a plane and hear about a great petty throwback crime!See for privacy information.
  • Bro. What can we possible say about an episode with this title? For real. See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about the global length rankings and where we fall, find out the last 30 years have been dang good to the fellas, learn what the protocol is if you're walked in on all by yourself and how you can INSTANTLY be a better lover. See for privacy information.
  • We break down the dos and absolutely-do-nots of handling a set of breasts, have some laugh at exotic car guys' expense and we find out about a man who picked the wrong career to chase. See for privacy information.
  • We meet a brazen sex toy thief, find out how to add some spice to your Valentine's Day, learn a man out there is missing his bits and we hear the tall tale of a man named Coke Can Greg. See for privacy information.
  • We finish off January with a whole host of new fetishes, including a few we've never even heard about, hear of a horrifying Amazon mix up, find some new Valentine's Day merch at Goop and find out ways of dealing with sexual frustration!See for privacy information.
  • We find out all about "Winter Penis" and what it means for you, hear about some great kinks and why you might be into them and please, just leave your crack pipe at home or in the car. See for privacy information.
  • We finally get a moment to talk about "that" police department in Tennessee, learn about an ancient celebration, how Bryan Cranston lost his v-card and we meet a guy named Troy....who is on his way to Hell. See for privacy information.
  • Last week we heard about all the wild things fellas lost inside themselves last year, this week we find out what the ladies are hiding! Also, some great ways to get your partner in the mood and maybe dig a bit and find out what kind of secret dirty stuff they're into!See for privacy[...]
  • First episode of a brand new year! We'll find out what we were looking for last year as far as online filth goes, we'll learn what the ladies were interested in and what we some very tight spaces! Happy 2023 yo!See for privacy information.
  • We learn how to properly dirty talk, how not to properly dirty talk and we clear out all the last Worst People In The World we have in the tank! Thanks for listening this year everybody!See for privacy information.
  • Everyone is into at least one of the 9 major sexual taboos....take a trip with us and find out which one or ones you are into! We also learn how to start a sext conversation and things a woman won't do until she is a girlfriend!See for privacy information.
  • ...or whatever the Daft Punk song is called. We learn how to turn your dong into a World Class Athlete! We also meet a lady who disappoints Jason Lee. Enjoy the last 'cast of November!See for privacy information.
  • We find out what annoys women about having sex with you, why we may be facing a sperm shortage, what the fine line is between a kink and a fetish. And we meet Ed Dare. See for privacy information.
  • We find out from a surgeon why you should NEVER try making yourself a bigger man, man. We meet the best OnlyFans fan there probably is and if you remember our infamous tweezer episode a couple years back....proceed with caution. We have a contender to unseat the champ. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a man who wonders if the internet has ruined him for dating, meet a woman who does NOT get what she ordered off Amazon and we learn all about the ancient art of the cuckhold. See for privacy information.
  • What happens if you find yourself getting a happy ending you didn't order? How do you take a "sexcation" on a budget? How often and why are women faking it? And we meet the most humble braggart of all time. See for privacy information.
  • Believe it or not, women only want 5 things form you! We update the classic "love languages, meet a guy who is running for "worst plane passenger ever" and a guy who is still running....for office. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a man with a very embarrassing allergy, find out how you can last longer than the American average of 5:24 seconds, a woman's dog finds a terrible toy and we're getting government sex tapes now! Sorry for the upload delay....forgot to hit "publish" before we left yesterday. See for privacy information.
  • We learn a whole ton of new ways to do the foreplay ladies seem to love so much, learn how to take your best "pic," there is a new terrible toy on the market and we need a sad old man who just wants you to leave his yard alone!See for privacy information.
  • We learn 5 easy ways to build your own sex toy, whcih piece of jewelry men should avoid, meet ANOTHER person using vibrators to cheat and a fella has a sex dungeon.....for real dolls. See for privacy information.
  • We learn 7 easy ways to improve your sex life, meet a woman who rates dongs for a living, learn why sleeping in the same bed as your dog could send you to the ER (it's a long shot, but still) and the worst/best snack of all time!See for privacy information.
  • Scientists actually sat down and tried to figure out the origins and makeup of one of nature's most mysterious substances, we learn how NOT to blow your chance at a threesome, the foods that are killing you in the bedroom and apparently chess is way more serious than we thought!See for privacy information.
  • We learn how our ladies can get revved up for us more often, learn how much our parts go for on the black market, find which celebrity got so carried away in the bedroom she had to go to the ER and hear about a disturbing smuggling ring...See for privacy information.
  • We learn a sure sign you're likely to cheat on your spouse (or they're about to cheat on you) little lies you'll never tell a loved one but will tell a stranger and a woman is making some new jewelry that we can't believe even one person asks for...See for privacy information.
  • We find the 14 best new apps if you want to get "into the lifestyle," how to keep kids from ruining what's happening in your bedroom and we meet a Mom and daughter that are way too close! Last podcast of August!See for privacy information.
  • We learn an INCORRECT way to tell your man he's going to be a Dad, we learn about what splitting chores can do for your sex life and 5 not so hilarious reasons you're not getting it up. See for privacy information.
  • We learn the behaviors of healthy men (spoiler alert: bad news for all of us) learn how to prep for a successful first date and we meet a man who will never again say "No, water is fine."See for privacy information.
  • After a small chronic break we get back to 'casting! We find out things to look out for when it comes to rubbers, meet a guy who keeps his drinkware in an odd spot, brush up on our relationship vocabulary and meet a very bad teammate. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about heteroflexibility, meet a woman hell bend on revenge on her ex and create perhaps the most unflattering nickname for a part of the female anatomy ever. See for privacy information.
  • One man learns about physics the hard and most embarrassing way he can, we find out how a couple makes $90K a month on OnlyFans and learn how much sexually assaulting a household appliance will run you. Classy way to ring in another hundred episodes!See for privacy information.
  • We learn exactly how to ensure you get a second date, how to prepare your abode in case she comes back to your place and we learn all about a bizarre new trend in women's fragrance lolSee for privacy information.
  • We learn what red flags women look for, meet a guy who has 1/1 rare disease, a man who probably can't ever enter a Starbucks again and one guy who kept one spreadsheet too many. See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about what the female orgasm feels like, how to spot it in the wild and how it may be genetic! Plus another lunatic is marrying an inanimate object.  See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about how to find a "Unicorn" and a friendly reminder about "Summer Dick" and advice if you're traveling for the World Cup!See for privacy information.
  • Here we are, our fourth live podcast to celebrate 12 years as a show/HR liability. See for privacy information.
  • We learn how to properly dirty talk, properly play with boobs, find out a new "lifestyle" we're definitely not down with, meet a Florida man with a very unfortunate last name and a woman is in jail for her use of AirTagsSee for privacy information.
  • We meet ANOTHER woman in love with her toy plane, find out some bedroom requests are better left unspoken and a truly terrible dude rounds out the Worst Person In The World. See for privacy information.
  • We learn 7 fun facts about female fun times, meet two people who need to be brought to justice over the way they deal with poo, and we'll relive the horrors of puberty!See for privacy information.
  • We find out why you shouldn't play Truth or Dare as an adult, hear the worst things to happen to people on a first date and two men tie for Worst Person On The Planet. Why is it always the night manager?!See for privacy information.
  • We meet a throuple, and we meet whatever you would call two couples in one relationship, hear all about realtors with their work cut out for them by pervy homeowners, find out where we can go for sexting and meet a man who is stronger than we would be. See for privacy information.
  • We'll meet a German "couple" who probably should've just stayed quiet, a man who made $7000 the hardest way, and a man who took his shirt from Dave & Barry's literally. See for privacy information.
  • We meet a woman with a helluva peanut allergy and unlock the 12 secrets to helping your woman "achieve."See for privacy information.
  • We learn exactly where American men fall on the only power ranking that really matters and then enjoy a seemingly endless parade of dudes who can't stop putting things where they don't belong!See for privacy information.
  • We meet a woman who has the grossest revenge ever, find out how to keep our men from straying, a 30 day plan to spice up your love life and we meet a guy who needs to practice some SERIOUS personal grooming. See for privacy information.
  • We find out just how close we are to having sex robots, meet a fella probably on every no-fly list there is and we meet the World's worst gynecologist. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about a new exciting kind of meditation, find out what our sex dreams mean and we get to the bottom of "What sex act is more popular than Twitter?"See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about how to boost the size and effectiveness of your manhood! Plus a couple of stories of women who have odd ways of storing their glassware.  See for privacy information.
  • We meet a Mom who wants to embarrass her son to death, a man who has to move out of his neighborhood, find out how NOT to celebrate a friend's birthday and what do with that pesky afterbirth. See for privacy information.
  • We learn all about condom myths, nobody cares about the load you're haulin, meet a woman who is all about the friendly skies and yet another phantom pooper is out there and still on the loose!See for privacy information.
  • We sit down with our most "sexually enlightened" frequent texter Dirty Old Fat Kid to learn the ins, out and in and outs of The Lifestyle.See for privacy information.
  • track-artwork
    We learn the ins and outs of the fine art of the spit roast, just mow many people, all genders, want a threesome and meet an Olympian who had a rough, chilly go of things in Beijing!See for privacy information.
  • Another round of rejected license plate, this time from Florida! We learn how men expanded their sexual horizons amid the pandemic, meet a guy who expanded his a bit too far and we meet a big fat sad liar from Las Vegas, See for privacy information.
  • We learn how to jazz things up for next Monday's big day, learn exactly what size makes the man, a frequent texter tells us of a secret fetish world and we meet a woman with a nifty tattoo.....that she should've totally kept quiet about. See for privacy information.
  • We learn what to sell if your kids REALLY want to raise money for sports, spot an easy way to know if she might be faking it, find out bloodplay is a thing and the worst person in the World is a whole group of people!See for privacy information.
  • We learn how to protect yourself when you're doing "questionable browsing," meet a woman making almost 6 figures a month on OnlyFans, how to vet a boudoir photographer, and somehow a woman taking Nazi pics isn't the worst person in the World. See for privacy information.
  • We learn more about a fetish we thought we knew everything about, , learn what NOT to do with spray insulation and learn just how hard it must be being Drake!See for privacy information.
  • We learn the ins and outs of role playing, why we DON'T bring it up and how we possibly could. We hear about a horrifying celebrity injury and meet the World's Most Savage Mom. See for privacy information.
  • Totally secure in your relationship? Buckle up, you're about to hit some bumpy terrain! What were the weirdest things pulled out of us in 2021, we get a legendary John Madden quote and learn about a Texas man who is REALLY into chicken. See for privacy information.
  • Here it is, the 2021 finale of Here's Your Freakin' Podcast! Thank YOU for all the listens, downloads and shares for this year! We'll be back with a new episode January 5th! See for privacy information.
  • We learn some of the riskiest places people are getting it on, find out where to see ground breaking sex in movies (we learn about a must-see Cameron Diaz role!) meet a WWII enthusiast who needs to tone it down and meet Italy's worst gynecologist, mamma mia!See for privacy information.
  • We run down a list of bedroom must-haves, learn what "hot-wifing" is, find out just how porno has lied to us all these years and meet a Russian cannibal! See for privacy information.
  • Well, we have bad news if you're a smaller man but we do find out if there is help out there! We also learn about a horrendous fetish we wish we could unhear about and meet a man who got too revved up at a Walmart!See for privacy information.
  • Listened to last week's podcast, followed the advice and having problems? We'll find out how to undo last week's porno suggestion. We dig into things we didn't know people thought were fetishes and meet a guy who won't be flying the friendly skies for 40-60 months. See for privacy information.
  • We learn the top 5 things men are fantasizing about, hear two words we cannot unhear, meet a horrid woman on OnlyFans and tips and tricks to spice up your next "movie" night See for privacy information.
  • We find out the (additional) down side of having less downstairs, find support for you if you do have less, learn the difference between porn and reality and find the worst named smoke shop in Kentucky!See for privacy information.
  • Scientists have finally answered the age old question about the size of your nose, meet a woman who really gets our attention, a couple enjoy a very specific kink, men reveal why they're really subscribing to OnlyFans and we meet a pair of OF stars....See for privacy information.
  • We learn the ins and the outs of the swapping game, how much "self care" is too much and we meet a man who ruins the inside of an ambulance!See for privacy information.
  • Perfect month for a story about a woman sleeping with a ghost! We also learn how to be gentleman with the nudes, last longer in the sack and meet a woman who gets waxed in a very inopportune time!See for privacy information.
  • We learn new and better ways to clean up our landscaping (if that's your thing) find out how many dudes went exploring during the pandemic, learn how to get a great deal on a Jeep and doctors have found a new horrifying COVID side effect!See for privacy information.
  • We learn ways your woman can do a little more to get you in the mood, how many of us are enjoying going in through the outdoor and meet a woman who well, has seen it all. See for privacy information.
  • We learn about an old guy that is about to get banned from frozen foods, a boy finds out the hardest way possible he is not USB compatible and all the ways sex ed failed us back in the day!See for privacy information.
  • We learn what we can do to turn a woman on, run down the top 10 fetishes (it turns out we're not that weird!) and talk, probably too much, about the other C word. See for privacy information.
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